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Day 1-2: staedtler black, white gel pilot, copics, textured cardstock

Day 3: copic liner black (0.5), copics, plain cardstock

Day 4-6: copic liner black (0.5), silver pilot (thick), copics, copic paper



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2nd month [ October 2014 ]

Hello everyone! I will be holding monthly giveaways for a $30 voucher at MatchWigs. They have many different types of wigs and a large selection of colors and lengths. Much of their inventory is under $30 so you will have a large selection to choose from. The winner will be announced publicly and they will receive a special code to use on the site. Alright let’s start with the basic rules^^


  • Must be following me (momo-tea) 
  • Reblog once
  • NO LIKES PLEASE, they do not count 
  • Must reach 2000 unique notes in order to be held 
  • No giveaway blogs


  • $30 voucher to spend at MatchWigs
  • To earn an additional $5 if you win, include this banner onto your blog
  • Free international shipping


  • Starts: October 1st
  • Ends:  October 31st

The winner must respond within 24 hours or I choose a new winner. Please do not unfollow after the giveaway, this will lead to banning of participation to future giveaways. The banner must be on prior to choosing the winner, if the winner has the banner somewhere on their blog, then they get the extra $5, not after the notification. Don’t fret over not winning, these will be monthly if they are successful, so please support and join the giveaways! That’s it for now, if you have any questions message me and good luck to everyone!

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Tokyo Ghoul 2015 Special Illustration Calendar

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Blouse / Suspender Shorts


ま | まるヴぉ [pixiv]


Mi Cha - Withdoll Cathy, photographer/owner: mizya | Colourless

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Visit Withdoll’s website here for these lovely dolls. ^^

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